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Cómo participar en VIVA EUROPA

Basic conditions for European cities to participate in VIVA EUROPA

An agreement has to be signed between the city -municipality or institution- and the organizers in Valencia (Patrocini de les Arts).

Participating cities receive a free satellite transmission of the live opera performance from the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia, Spain. Technical specifications for connection are sent by the organizers beforehand.


Participating cities have to:

  • Project the opera broadcast on big screens in public places – open air or indoor facilities - free of charge for the public and provide the necessary conditions for good sound and image reception.
  • Advertise the event to their citizens.
  • Ensure that the opera is not recorded or used for any purpose other than this VIVA EUROPA cultural non-profit event.


Participating cities are invited to:

  • Print a program for the local audience including cast and synopsis of the Opera (the text will be sent in English and Spanish by the organizers).
  • Send VIVA EUROPA a 20 second cultural/touristic video of the city with the names of the city and country in English on the video image to be broadcast during the live opera intervals.
  • Invite local sponsors to support the event in each city.


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