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Expresiones de apoyo de artistas, patronos y ciudades

"The dream of any artist is always to reach his or her audience and give a top class performance; I am doing so for this incomparable stage that is Europe. I am proud to be able to take part in an event which the whole of Europe will experience simultaneously and in harmony through the magic of opera." Plácido Domingo, after singing Sigmund in Die Walküre in VIVA EUROPA 2009.

"It gives me great pleasure to share this performance with the whole of Europe. In this time of crisis and uncertainty art becomes a vital factor. It encourages me to continue working and dreaming of a more just and tolerant society. Music, with its universal humanistic message is a superb catalyst for favouring positive feelings, wishes and desires." Zubin Mehta, world renowned conductor of the three opera performances in VIVA EUROPA 2009, 2010 and 2011.

"I give my full support to VIVA EUROPA 2011. The project is a great example of how people express their culture. VIVA EUROPA is a bottom up cultural challenge in the field of citizenship and communication. Its message of art and hope reaches out to the hearts and minds of citizens in Europe. This initiative promotes a European sense of community which resonates particularly well in the context of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering." Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EU's Citizenship Commissioner and patron of VIVA EUROPA 2011 as an activity of the European Year of Volunteering.



“Yesterday was a wonderful night! The performance was excellent! Bravo Valencia!” Thessaloniki, Greece

“In Prague it was great and everybody was really happy. The performance was absolutely marvellous, we clapped and cried.” Prague, Czech Republic

“It was a knowledgeable and appreciative audience. We think it is a great concept and worked well.” Eastbourne, UK

“L'evento è stato seguito e apprezzato anche a Reggio. Spero che ci siano altre occasioni per collaborare.” Reggio Calabria, Italia

“Thank you for the show, a real delight, we hope to collaborate next year.” Caransebes, Romania

“We had a fantastic response to the event; the people of Cork (and ourselves) were delighted.” Cork, Ireland

“The event went perfect, it was a good show, the people loved it.” Gharb, Malta

“The transmission in Kielce was really successful. Citizens of Kielce were delighted with the opera, artists and all this idea.” Kielce, Polonia

And much more enthusiastic feedback....



“We hope that we will have the opportunity to participate again next year as this event has a huge outcome in our local community.” Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

“We are very grateful that you offered us the chance to be on board of VIVA EUROPA and hope that we will have this chance in the future, if the opportunity arises.” Reykjavik, Iceland

“Ropazi will definatelly participate in this project if it takes place next year!” Ropazi, Latvia

“In such difficult times, our old Europe needs this kind of initiatives. Stay strong, my friends, and keep on having these fantastic ideas!” Santo André, Portugal

“We are confident that next year it will be a great event and we will proudly take part in it.” Bucharest, Romania

“I hope we will continue our cooperation for 2014. We will keep our fingers crossed for that! I look forward to hearing good news for 2014.” Novi Sad, Serbia

“We are aware of the care and effort you have put into this initiative and hope we can continue collaborating in the future.” Castelló, Spain

“If VIVA EUROPA is held in 2014 we are definitely interested in taking part.” Kalmar, Sweden