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Quién hace posible VIVA EUROPA

Since its first edition in 2009, VIVA EUROPA has been based on the altruistic collaboration of artists and musicians including Plácido Domingo and Zubin Mehta, organizers and collaborating institutions:

  • The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Valencia’s opera house, authorises the free emission of a live opera performance of the highest quality.
  • Radio Televisión Valenciana RTVV provides the free satellite broadcast of the opera to European cities, assuring the technical quality of the transmission.
  • Both the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía and RTVV are fully supported in this project by the Generalitat Valenciana regional government.
  • The European Union provides patronage to VIVA EUROPA as an activity of European Years and a video message from the President of the European Commission has introduced the opera broadcast each year. In its 2013 edition, the Directorate-General for Communication contributes to the event as a communication activity to promote dialogue with citizens in Europe.
  • Participating European cities organize and cover the cost of the local event, setting up big screens, advertising the event, printing programs, etc.
  • Patrocini de les Arts in Valencia, patron and sponsor of the event since 2009, ensures the organization and coordination of VIVA EUROPA, firmly believing in the European communication value of this non-profit initiative.
  • European Music Day has played an important role in reaching new European cities for VIVA EUROPA.
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  • Europa Nostra – the voice of cultural heritage in Europe – initiated its cooperation with VIVA EUROPA in 2012 with the full support of its president Plácido Domingo.

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